Baby Boho Heaven

for all the vintage lovers, boho gypsy souls and shabby chic addicts.
for all the open minded people who likes the idea of a magic sunny- shade atmosphere.

this hanging vintage knit teepee creates your own baby´s heaven.
comes with framework for super-easy to use on every babybay, babybed, baby cot etc...

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every item is unique,
chosen with love,
sewed with passion,
handmade in berlin, germany.


all our canopies comes without racks.
if you want a rack, please choose a SET.
fixing material always included. strings and pegs.

3 possible uses without rack

for all our canopies you have basicly 3 possible uses.
use it as a hanging teepee, a baldachin or a heaven.
have a look at the sketch pic.


Our products were made of vintage knitting stoles triangles from the 50´s to the 90´s.
1 square is made of 2 stoles and is around 1,20 m x 1,20 m.
could be a few more ore less from 1,00 m to 1,40 m, but in the middle 1,20 m.

you can always easy expand a square minimum 20 cm. so while you set it up, it will always be more wide as i will describe you below.

2 SQ(uares) means 2,40m x 1,20m.

custom made by order.
just give us a week of handcraftign to realize your dream.

if you like to have a standing teepee or an original indian teepee, head over to buy the special SET.

here you can find how easy to set up your dreams into reality: vimeo or youtube.


The stoles/ triangles we use were minimum 20 years old. But gold. And of course in nearly perfect conditions. sometimes you can find slightly colour defects, or a small hole more than normal.
By 1 of 100, we think.


shipping costs germany 10€ without racks. 30€ with racks.
shipping costs all over the world 30€. shipping outside germany without racks only.
shipping costs will be added at the cart.

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everybody should have a vintage knit tipi…yeah!

99 EUR